Dojo 1.0 and Tapestry

This module allows you to use dojo 1.0.2 in Tapestry 4 applications. It requires Tapestry version 4.1.4-SNAPSHOT and on, and completely replaces the dojo version (0.4.3) that's bundled by default.

Installing tacos-dojo

You first need to add this module to your classpath. Assuming you're using maven 2, this can be achieved by:


Notice that the last number in the version (102) represents the currently supported dojo version.

If maven has troubles downloading the module, then you'll probably have to define tacos snapshot repository, as described here.

Using tacos-dojo

What now remains is to configure your @Shell (or @ScriptIncludes) component to use service:tacos.dojo.DojoOneShellDelegate. Here's what your page/component might include:

    <span jwcid="@Shell" title="..." ajaxDelegate="ognl:ajaxDelegate" ... />    

The .jwc or the java code should then use:

    <inject property="ajaxDelegate" object="service:tacos.dojo.DojoOneShellDelegate"/>
    public abstract IRender getAjaxDelegate();

More details

The dojo files that get included come from AOL's CDN, but you'll soon be able to override this.

What's missing?

  • Validation
  • Widgets
  • Processing scripts returned in an ajax response