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Tacos is an open source community project, and as such welcomes new developer resources whenever possible. Tacos Developers plan features, discuss and vote on the Tacos Developers' Mailing List.

The following are the current Tacos committers.

Viktor Szathmary

Viktor is the creator and lead developer of the tacos project.

He also provides support services for tacos, more information is available here.

Jesse Kuhnert

Jesse was drawn to the tacos project initially because of its impressive set of components and overall quality of code and UI. He has since helped to port tacos over to compatibility with tapestry 4, as well as added on to the ajax support which Viktor had already implemented.

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Felix Sun

I was impressed by Tacos because of it's ability to do Ajax thing without writing JavaScript. So I decided to give most of my time and effort to do Tacos thing. I'm feeling good for being one of the Team and seeing Tacos roll forward.

Leonardo Quijano Vincenzi

Leonardo was initially drawn to the project because of its ability to deploy simple Ajax contributions to standard Tapestry applications. Having previously contributed to the project, now he's looking to help develop a stable, robust Ajax components project that enhances Tapestry and Java's web frameworks capabilities.

Andreas Andreou

Andreas has contributed many new features to tacos, the least of which was the start of some browser based unit testing. Hopefully he'll fill in more of a description here at some point.

Gabriel Handford

Gabe should write his own blurb, but until he does..Gabe has already been donating some nice components to tacos, such as the SiteMap component, and should be bringing a lot more nice functionality to the library.(Like hibernate hivemind integration, security scheme integrated into sitemap, hibernate tables, etc..)

When not working on tacos/tapestry development he also has another project, RandomWeb, which is a very cool screensaver for osx, try it out if you can :)

Notable Contributors

Markus Joshko

Though not acting as a developer, Markus has provided invaluable support in the form of constant feedback and bug submissions to current development efforts, as well as providing user support in various forums. Thanks markus! :)